Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The loop

I did some work on the other end of the layout and drew out the turning loop. It's based on the TTC's Neville Park loop on the eastern end of Queen St. E. 
[I shot that photo of the Neville Park loop in Nov' 2011 - Yikes, time flies]

I think my loop has a larger turning radius, so its dimensions are proportionally larger than the real thing.
I shot that photo on the same day. You can see the entry and exit tracks as well as a long view looking west down Queen St E.
I was going to put the turning loop on the left end of the layout, but I decided to flip it and try it out on the right. I liked it better. I think my first thought was biased because of the way I'd always approached the loop from the street.
[This picture was sourced from the Toronto Public Archive and the caption says: "Queen Street East, looking east from Neville Park Boulevard to Nursewood Road, showing Neville Loop, Toronto Transit Commission, Toronto, Ont." The photo was shot in 1972.]

Love those PCCs from '72. And speaking of great oldies,

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