Saturday, April 22, 2017

Tapin' it to the street

[Beginnings of the residential area. Building placement is temporary and just to get the feel of the spaces that are developing. Interestingly, I had to try several different building types and positions until the whole thing 'popped' and the feel of the place came over me. I also realized I need some strategically placed tall buildings.]

I've started to draw the major ground features and track lines full-size on sheets of paper. I have this reticence to start with a big, blank sheet and often begin with smaller, just big enough pieces to get started and then tape more pieces on to build out a big sheet. Weird I know, but it helps me get over mental blocks about getting started.
I don't enjoy operation. I like to see trains or streetcars run, but running to mimic real business activities isn't my thing. I'm more interested in the buildings and street and all the stuff I've encountered in my travels. In Toronto I rode the buses, streetcars and subway to get where I was going - I used my feet too ! - but didn't travel to car barns or maintenance facilities or the other places commonly featured in a 'traction' layout. The streetcars were part of the street scene and that's what they'll be here. They'll run just enough so I can capture the feeling I'm after.
I did a little selective compression on the roads because I found with my first layout that if they're drawn completely to scale they take up lots of space. Too much actually. So, I spent some time fiddling to get what seems like some streets and avenues of the 'right' size: enough to get the feel of busy-ness and activity, but not too cramped and toy-like. 

Oh, and as hinted at, I leave you with Michael McDonald and the guys.

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  1. I like how Skunk Baxter (lead guitar) always seems to be feeling a different rhythm than the rest of the band. It's like downbeats and tempos have less meaning to him. And it all gels!