Saturday, March 16, 2019

An update to atmospheric traction?

A throughly interesting idea and an excellent model. Wired's cutesy presentation, and veiled age discriminatory style, is a bit annoying, but the gentlemen's great work cuts through all that. Below, is a National Geographic short on the work of Michael Paul Smith. Their choice of olde timey, vaguely 1920s music seems a little odd to me, but the video has lots of insight into his work. 


  1. Mendocino...that's my neck of the woods! I need to find this.

    True enough, Wired's cutesy style is a bit condescending.

    As for the Nat Geo piece, I'd put the music no later than the 1930s. Still, a bit unfitting if you really think about it. Most folks don't, and probably think it sounds 'old', and is therefore appropriate. Akin to my longstanding gripe of banjo and harmonica music for most train videos, regardless of era or locale, steam or diesel. Ugh.

    1. If you find it and you visit, please send me pictures!