Wednesday, May 15, 2013

More powerful than a speeding mag-lev

I’m not ashamed to contradict myself: in retrospect it was a good thing I remembered to bring my health card on this trip because I spent the rest of the day in hospital. So did Leslie. She to check for concussion, and me to see if fatherhood was still a possibility. Both of us passed. Once discharged, she was escorted to a local police office and I followed. As I promised her, we just discussed the missing federal materials warrant. She didn’t tell me anything, so I decided to call Adams and give him an update. 

“All she said was she had no knowledge of what happened to the fusors. All very calm and matter of fact. And, she’s asked to leave.”

“We can't arrest her with the current warrant, but she remains a person of interest until we officially declare we're satisfied with her information. I'd like to talk to her here. I don't think she's telling us everything.” I could hear Adams thinking.

I filled in some time while his mental wheels ground, “I'll get her to go to Toronto by reminding her that today's events might be interpreted as assault.”

His gears clicked into place, “Get two tickets for the overnight express back here. Make sure hers is a deluxe suite.”

“Tonight’s train?” I whined. That was the end of my grand weekend plans with Melissa.

“Yes. The theatrics of bringing her here for a conversation with 'Mr. Big and his cronies' might unsettle her a little. We can continue the interview as soon as you arrive. Afterwards, we can either release her with a deluxe ticket back and our apologizes, or proceed. Go and do it before she realizes she can get a lawyer and make the process difficult for us.”

“Ok. Just make sure you send some constables to meet us. And make sure they’re big ones. Who knows what'll happen when we arrive. I know what she can do.” I winced at the memory.


There was a click and that was the end of the call. Typical Adams.

I hung up and went straight back to the interview room. Luckily Leslie was still there.

“Well, now that I’ve answered your questions, I’ll be on my way,” was her greeting as soon as I entered the room.

I didn’t sit down, just walked in and stood behind my chair. “Leslie, we’d like you to come to the Toronto office for a little further discussion with the brass. We’ll provide travel and accommodation there and back. It’ll help with our investigation.”

“No, that’s it for me,” and with that she got up from her chair and started for the door.

Now to apply some of my training, “You can leave, but you won’t get out of the building before we’ve handed you an assault charge. Surely you remember what happened earlier today?”

Luckily she didn't reply with a “Don’t call me Shirley” as she slammed the door on her way out to get a lawyer. Nope. She just stopped in mid-stride, looked like she was doing a little thinking of her own, gave me a grin and a sweet, “Ok I'll go”.

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