Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A layout that won't be seen in the model RR press

[A snippet of a scene from Baltimore Babylon]
I came across this article in Make about a husband and wife built layout called Baltimore Babylon. Although there aren't really any overview photos or plans of the layout, and by the standards of today's model railroading press it sounds like a rather simple layout, but I rather admire their vision statement (and the scenes shown in the photos), 

We’re geographically and emotionally tethered to Baltimore, specifically gritty/tragic Baltimore. Gritty/tragic Baltimore-ness enchants and dismays us in equal measure. So naturally, when faced with deciding on our perfect model train layout, we realized that we wanted to capture Baltimore in all its postindustrial, grimy, glorious, gentrified, sagging, soot-streaked, architecturally-insane glory. ... a distillation of our perceptions about our specific place. 

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