Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Corrugated plastic roof panels as a layout board?

Since Edward St. might be a flat, lightweight layout, I’m toying with the idea of building it so it could be hung on a wall like a picture when it wasn’t in use - of course, the buildings and other scenic elements would need to be stored on a shelf. To pull this off I’d need a very light weight, stiff, and thin substrate for the track and streets. With that in mind, John gave me these cast offs from a gazebo roof he was replacing as something to toy with. They’re ¼ inch thick corrugated plastic sheets: very rigid along the corrugations, but needing some cross-wise stiffening – maybe simply gluing two pieces one on top of the other with the corrugations at 90 degrees will do the trick. I’m not going to be so cavalier in tossing out these pieces before I’ve given them a good test as I was with that pump house floor I discarded a couple of years ago.

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