Thursday, May 16, 2013

Beware the quiet physicist

The non-stop overnight mag-lev from Victoria pulled into Toronto’s Confederation Station right on time: 6:00 am. Leslie was surreptitiously locked into a deluxe suite in the forward sleeper car, and the crew had orders not to release her. This wasn’t quite kosher legal-wise, but she didn’t know the difference given all my blather about assault charges for non-cooperation.  I was berthed in the suite across from hers. 

I gathered up my bag, left my suite, entered the hallway and knocked on her door.

No answer. 

“Leslie, are you awake?”
Still nothing.  Probably a heavy sleeper. It was still only 3 am on the west coast after all. I had barely slept myself. Stress and adrenaline and not enough whisky.

Two constables and a conductor came down the corridor. The conductor had the key to Leslie’s suite.

“Leslie, we’re going to open your door.”

Nothing. I was getting worried she wasn’t alright.

I motioned to the conductor to open her door. He did. 

I looked around her suite. I needn’t have worried. She wasn’t there.

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