Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Allan Fleming and the CN logo

Mr. Allan Fleming with a CN box car sporting his logo design in the background (Sourced from Wikipedia)

Last week I found this striking photo of Mr. Allan Fleming - looks as if it was a shot from Man Men - with one of his most famous designs, along with a Wikipedia article, which among other things, discuses how he came to design Canadian National Railways new logo in 1959. Mr. Fleming was one of the most brilliant and influential designers of the mid-20th century, and was responsible for much of Canada’s – and especially Ontario’s - look in that period. 


  1. The sixties were a great time for graphic design- I didn't know about Allan Fleming and his involvement with the logo...somehow, I always thought it was a later development, which is a tribute to his work! He looks every inch the agency guy in this shot.

    1. In that photo it looks like he would fit right in an episode of Mad Men. I've always wondered if his CN logo was an influence on the NASA logo, or vice versa, or if they were developed independent of one another.