Friday, September 28, 2012

Archie’s garage is done

This week I was able to finish up Archie’s garage. The walls were sprayed with a Krylon white / light tan colour and lightly weathered with some Tamyia Smoke. The foundation was painted with Polyscale Aged Concrete, and when it was dry it was loosely washed with some thinned flat black to simulate oil stains. The roof is built up from Campbell scale siding superglued to a styrene sub-structure. When dry it was washed with some flat aluminum and flat black paint, and then highlighted with a little rusty-coloured chalk.
I built a caricature of a rolling door for the entrance - that's it in the photo below before it had been sanded, painted, and generally made a bit more presentable. I’m glad I didn’t spend too much time on it because it is barely visible now that it’s installed. It just gives a hint that there is a door there and nothing more.
It’s not a very practical or realistic building, but I rather like it and hopefully I’ll figure out just the right place for it on the layout.

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