Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Yost Theatre

Ok, the kit is actually the Wathers’ Rivoli Theater, but I have a plan to selectively compress it to fit into that newly paved spot across the alleyway from the Chapters bookstore, and to dedicate it to the founder of TVO’s Saturday Night at the Movies and Magic Shadows, Elwy Yost - naturally, I’ll modify the ‘Rivoli’ sign to read ‘Yost’. Although I never had the privilege to meet Mr. Yost, his tv shows were responsible for developing my lifelong love of movies. And 2014 is the 40th anniversary of Saturday Night at the Movies - yeap, it’ll have been on tv for 40 years! - so it’ll be a bit of an homage.
I bought the kit when I was at George’s 50th because I wanted the front facade. The building itself is very deep in order to accommodate the audience seating, but I’m going to radically change its depth to fit the space - I’m not sure how wacky that will make the building; I’ll need to do some more detailed measuring to see if it’ll look too weird. There’ll be a streetcar stop either behind or to the side of the Yost.

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