Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Basic paving wraps up

Last weekend I finished up the styrene paving job in the urban area. I’ve been working on this for a few minutes each evening over the last two weeks, and I was able to devote a few hours on the weekend to finishing it. After the last piece was in place I had a long look and was struck by the feeling that the layout is starting to look done, and less and less ‘in progress’.
Before cutting and installing the median strip between the tracks and the outer ring-road, I got the GE 45 tonner off the shelf to check clearances. It’s got the widest profile in my fleet and it has unearthed some problems with scenery placement in other parts of the layout, so I thought I’d check that it got though this section of track without scraping against anything.

That’s Stella’s in the distance. I’m having a difficult time finishing it off. I think I’m being too apprehensive about whether it’ll turn out alright. I just need to dig in, finish gluing it up, and then use whatever results as a starting point for any corrections or modifications. I’m more and more seeing it as a learning piece about what not to do on my next high-rise!

Well, it’s on to painting.

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