Friday, October 26, 2012

Breaking in Bowser's TCC PCC streetcar

I've been working on getting my fleet into running condition. One task has been installing a DCC decoder into the Bowser TTC PCC streetcar I bought back in March. Following the instructions enclosed with the model are just about all that is needed to detach the body from the running gear and get it ready for decoder installation.  One thing the instructions don't show is a lead that runs from a light in the roof to the top of the car's circuit board. So, remember not to pull the body away from the frame once it comes free after careful prying in order not to damage that lead. Just carefully let the body droop to the side and disconnect the light lead's plug. 

Once the decoder was installed, I oiled the moving parts as per the instructions and let body-less streetcar run for an hour on the layout. 

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