Friday, October 5, 2012

Finished painting the new pavement

I spent about a week of spare time painting the pavement in the urban area. Looking back on the photos, this whole operation would probably be better described using a time-lapse video, but that’s beyond my capabilities, so I’ll just show a few photos of some of the steps along the way.
 [First, I removed the buildings.]
 [I then put on a rough base coat of a neutral gray - looking back, I could have probably skipped this step.]
 [This was followed by some coats of PolyScale Aged Concrete.]
 [Then alternating coats of loosely mixed aged concrete, several light grays, white, and flat black. I kept working the colours until things started to 'look right'.]
 [Roads were painted in.]
[As I got closer to finishing I glued on sewers and grates from Blair Line, and then used some light washes to blend them into the roadwork.]

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