Friday, October 19, 2012


 [Looks like some volcanic ash fell on this car.]

Once I’d painted the pavement in the urban area, I went ahead and added some traffic signs and other miscellaneous street stuff. For the signs, I used a sheet of Ontario traffic signs from Penitentiary Products. I cut those out, lightly scuffed them with fine sandpaper to de-gloss them a bit, and glued each one to a painted styrene post. They were installed on the layout by drilling holes into the styrene pavement and set in place with a little glue.  So far I’ve installed 10 signs, but more are on the way.

Strictly speaking, delicate details like these should really be added much later in the build process to minimize the chance of them being damaged in subsequent work. But, I usually add things like this when the mood strikes me because when I see them in place, it often triggers other ideas about other items that could be added, moved, or removed. 

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