Friday, August 2, 2019

The Natural History Museum Gets Doors

The doors only needed a little sanding and fitting to get them neatly installed.

I also added some baseboard along the bottom inside wall edge. It's just some 0.02" x 0.04" styrene strip. I left it white, and surprisingly it makes the interior pop. 
The doors out to the patio don't look too bad either. It turns out the door window frames don't have an inset edge for inserting the glass, so the glass has to be neatly glued to the door frame, as you can see in the leftmost door.

The digital camera highlights the misaligned brickwork in the corner. In-person, when looking at it with my own two eyes, it doesn't look too bad, but zoomed in with a digital camera, it's horrible. The digital camera is a harsh mistress.


  1. "The digital camera is a harsh mistress."

    True indeed. Makes one long for the grainy film days when detail was obscured in the process of publishing model photos in paper magazines, no?

    1. I don't know if I'd go back to film and those old cameras. When I shot those pictures of ELM's models, I realized that the old images, and their poor reproduction in the magazines of the time, helped to build the impression that he wasn't that good a modeller. Although I'm nostalgic for many things, film cameras aren't one of them. I need to get better at taking pictures so that they communicate what I want them to communicate; so they show what I see, and not get sidetracked by their ability to show all the things they see.