Monday, August 12, 2019

A&A's on the drawing board

I've set the Natural History Museum aside for awhile now that main construction is over. I'm going to leave the roof and interior detailing for whenever it's time to place the building on the layout. 

I've been hearing A&A Records call me and I can't resist. Last summer about this time I made a cardboard mockup in HO, and now, a year later, I want to try and build up the facade. From the internet I found a photo and have worked on adjusting it to be close to HO by comparing figures that are near the front windows with some in HO scale. Right now I'm working on creating a scaled drawing and figuring out how to build the various components.

I pulled Stella's from the shelf to reminisce and figure out what remains to finish it - I've had high hopes for this, but it's never set my imagination on fire. Those are the record bins and cash desk. I've added some posters and indexing since I last worked on them. Maybe I'll get the urge to add records, or maybe I'll just listen to Sheryl Crow :-)


  1. Just so you know someone noticed: I noticed Miles Davis (x 4) and John Coltrane. Must be a good record store.

    1. And the back wall has some Bill Evans graffiti:

      The second floor of Stella's Used Records & Starlight Yoga Studio has the yoga part of the business on the second floor, so overall it must attract a rather refined clientele :-)