Wednesday, July 12, 2017

West end loop

The streetcar loops around quite well in what will be the west end suburbs. But, this is the second attempt at track installation - my first attempt had to be torn-up because streetcars derailed like crazy on every bend.
I didn't pay close enough attention to making sure the track made perfect circular arcs and that caused derailments. On the second try I used cardboard templates to help lay the track (that one up there has a 6 7/16 " radius to give pretty much a 7" radius arc on centre). I should mention that the track is held in place with transfer tape and pins inserted in the factory drilled tie holes.
I rotated the layout 180 degrees so the Neville Loop is on the free end for easy track installation. It shouldn't take too long to get its track installed, and then it will be on to soldering :-)

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