Sunday, July 30, 2017

Grizzly Flats depot's back wall

[The digital camera is a harsh mistress :-) This is the back wall on the N-scale Grizzly Flats depot model.]

If you're a longtime reader here you may recall the N-scale Grizzly Flats depot build based on E. L. Moore's HO scale version that appeared in the March '62 issue of Model Trains. I noted there were no photos or plans showing the back wall and speculated that maybe he didn't note it in order to speed up the project. I stumbled across a short article on the Grizzly Flats depot in the July '73 issue of Railroad Modeler and it had this to say about that wall,

The fact of the depot being a prop led to the condition of the rear wall being without any windows or doors. We have, therefore, taken a little artistic license and proposed a slightly different rear wall from the plain on the actual structure.

They presented a full-page, HO-scale plan of the depot and inset this speculation on the back wall.
[The Grizzly Flats depot plan was drawn by Ralph Dockham.]

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