Thursday, July 6, 2017

Solder-itis and street track installation

I'm starting to think avoidance of soldering is a recognized medical condition. Instead of soldering some leads on the EVRR blocks, I decided to install some track on the new street car layout. I started with the easiest part, the two strips along the main drag, and then went on to the loop around the housing block on the west end. I think once all the track is installed on this thing - and there isn't much - I'll pick up the soldering iron and hold a solder-palooza on both layouts. Hopefully Debra won't have to call an ambulance :-)


  1. Nothing like the stench of cauterised flesh and searing pain to remind oneself which is the hot end of the soldering iron. Enjoy.

    1. Yes, those memories are coming back now :-) I should probably stock-up on Bactine.