Saturday, July 29, 2017

Train Wreck & Golden Quill Mining

[Golden Quill Mining Co. by Herb Ballinger, Railroad Modeler, January 1972. I'm partial to large, text-free images that speak for themselves and was impressed by how RM chose to present this diorama. What a great scene. Excellent modelling, not over done and a fascinating asymmetrical organization.]

That Golden Quill Mining Company in the January issue was a dilly . . . Train Wreck was good, too. Keep up the good work.
E. L. Moore in a letter dated 18 January 1972 to Denis Dunning, editor of Railroad Modeler magazine.

Golden Quill Mining Co. by Herb Ballinger is an article in the January '72 issue of Railroad Modeler. One thing I've admired about that magazine was it broke from the visual style and layout form long established in MR and RMC. RM often used creative 2-page spreads with high visual impact. Golden Quill Mining Co. and Train Wreck! are excellent examples.
It's interesting that Mr. Moore singled out the two articles in the issue that dealt with dioramas - ones that focused on visual storytelling.
[An overall view of the Train Wreck! diorama. I couldn't find a name associated with the article or the diorama, but if I come across who built this, I'll update the post.]

The Train Wreck! diorama is an 18" x 36" selectively compressed diorama of this scene on the left. I like how the article's bold title spans across two pages to dramatically tie the prototype image to the text.

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