Sunday, July 2, 2017

From the Hanger

Vince and I took his time machine out for a spin. He just got an alternative universe module installed and was keen to show it off. It worked great! When we got back I found this page stuffed between the seat cushions.


  1. Love it! Would gladly buy a subscription to this, though I imagine delivery charges from an alternate dimension might be a bit stiff.

    1. Couldn't fulfill the subscription anyway - lost the coordinates of that universe. That's what happens when you buy a used multi-verse module on ebay from a guy named Mr. Fusion :-)

    2. Haha, good old Mr Fusion! If you haven't seen Fringe, there are a few airships whirring away in the background of the Alternative Universe (, I always enjoyed expeditions there for that reason.

      Love the blog header by the way, great looking scene.

    3. Thanks Michael! I'll take a look. The paperback edition of the Mr. X archives was released recently and I'm enjoying the airships, trains and buildings of Radiant City ( ).