Monday, April 18, 2016

Look! Up in the Sky!

It's not a bird or a plane or Superman, it's the Goodyear blimp! Recently I read that Goodyear put a new blimp into service, Wingfoot Two, and I was reminded of the blimp chasing I did back in the mid-80s.
Although I enjoy model railroading, I've never been much of a serious train chaser, but there was a time when blimp watching was my thing.
This particular landing sequence I shot outside the fence of the old Downsview Airforce Base in Toronto maybe in '85 or '86. 
I think that yellow station wagon off to the left is an AMC Eagle. 
Nose down, on final approach.
I recall there was a big ground crew that travelled with this ship. That's one of their buses in in the foreground.
Vehicles cleared, everything is ready for a perfect landing.
I don't seem to have any photos of the docking operation, just this one last shot over the gate of the moored blimp.

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