Saturday, April 30, 2016

E. L. Moore and The Frank Ellison Style

Here’s the fertilizer plant, and when I’d finished photographing it I recalled what you had to say about Ellison and spirit of railroading. So I studied the situation and what he did was tie in his structures on the siding with a glimpse of main line traffic. So here is one a la Ellison and you’d damn well appreciate it as I don’t have a main line and had to spend a full day building it on top of existing lines and after photographing it spend another half a day tearing it down. So don’t go insinuating it’s part of my Elizabeth Valley 4x6 footer or I’ll be in trouble.

That paragraph was part of the cover letter, written 27 March 1966, that accompanied the manuscript that would be published as Fertilizer Plant in the July 1966 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman

I was fortunate to see the Fertilizer Plant at last year’s meet-up, but I haven’t seen the photo Mr. Moore is referring to, so I took a look at the article to see if I could figure out which one he meant. I believe it’s the one I’ve scanned and doctored for this post. It was used as the lead-in beauty shot for the article. It’s the only photo with a glimpse of main line traffic and structures on the siding - with the Fertilizer Plant, the building with the Planters sign, in the back left.

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