Friday, April 29, 2016

E. L. Moore and The Drugstore Eyeglasses

Have decided that maybe I should try my hand at an HO pike soon as the basement is done - on the premise that I don’t have room to do what I’d like to do in O gauge at present. Whaddaya say to that? HO and I are no strangers. Built my first Megow caboose back in ’39 or so. And me so youthful
From an 8 Apr ’65 letter from Hal Carstens to E. L. Moore.

So you’re stopping at HO instead of going to the E W S (eensy weensy stuff). Fact is, at your age you oughta be working the other way . . . you ougtha be gettin’ farsighted and need to work in O gauge instead of tring HO. Me, I have four, five pair glasses, none of which cost more than two bucks, graduated from normal newspaper reading distance, right down to where I can see a nit on the end of my nose and tell his ass from his snoot. Maybe I mean a mite and not a nit.
From E. L. Moore’s 14 Apr ’65 reply to Hal Carstens, which goes a long way to explaining how Mr. Moore was able to build his little N scale layout, The Enskale and Hoentee Railroad, 3 years later in ’68 when he was 70. Seems he didn’t take his own advice about building bigger as one gets older :-)

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