Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Yorkville streetcar barn from 1912

Vince sent me a link to this handsome streetcar barn located in Yorkville circa 1912. It was sourced from The Chariotter at photobucket (although the link now appears to be broken and the photo gone). Today, Yorkville is a neighbourhood in Toronto's downtown core, and it's probably safe to say that this building is long gone. Vince mentioned that I "may need to build this". I agree, but I've promised Debra to build her Wallace and Gromit kit and have yet to deliver. Looks like there's some anti-pesto in my future :-)


  1. That is a gorgeous streetcar barn. Pity there isn't more information on it. Ah, Wallace and Gromit..Nick Parks is first and foremost a modelmaker, then a film maker I suspect!

    1. Indeed it is. I've done some further looking around the internet for some other information, and have yet to find any.