Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Portage Ave., Winnipeg, 1944

Portage Avenue at Hargrave, Winnipeg, September 1944; Caption and photo by William Henry Wood.
There's a streetcar in the distance. I zoomed in on the scanned photo, but since the original section was rather small, the result was also rather small, grainy, and didn't reveal anything.


  1. I love old street photos of cities...a glimpse of a life gone by and usually with one or two tasty vehicles thrown in. What a pity the streetcar was indistinct. The street is incredibly broad to my British eyes.

    1. I have more of various places I plan to post as I find time to scan them. I can't say for certain about Winnipeg, but many cities were designed with quite wide streets so that wagons pulled by teams of horses could make a U-turn without any trouble.