Thursday, July 10, 2014

More arches

The arches on the old Yorkville streetcar barn reminded me of a building I saw in New York a few weeks ago. 
It was dusk and the lit arched windows over loading dock doorways were quite evocative. 
I believe this building is New York City Center located at 131 W 55th St. The views in these photos are of the far less iconic loading dock side that backs onto 56th St. 
With this view as raw material, it's not too hard to imagine a scale model of a fictional company the receives parts by boxcar, ships out large finished stage or movie props by flatcar, and maybe has its staff arrive by streetcar - sounds like a E. L. Moore type project in the making. Or, this could be used as the prototype for the back wall for a model of the Yorkville streetcar barn.  Or, maybe one could just build the whole thing as is to maximize the adventure.

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