Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Spinnaker building gets painted

Title tells all I guess. The walls were sprayed with Krylon blue and roofs are Krylon aluminum. The wall colour was sprayed rather haphazardly to produce a non-uniform application. The centre was loosely brush painted with thinned washes of flat black and aluminum for highlighting. 

The idea behind this unusually thin building – and others I have in mind – is to help construct another layer of buildings in the business / resort area. I’d like to eventually have 2 or 3 layers of structures that the streetcars can pass through, and viewers need to look over or around, to give a better feeling of density to the area. Since my layout ‘theme’ is the retro-future, I’m mixing modern-esqe buildings with conventional structures to give an impression of a coexisting alternative past, present and future. These thin buildings are clearly from some sort of weird, parallel universe future :-) and the plan is that they will form a layer along the outer edge of the area, where there is only about an inch or two of space. Also, since there is no defined backdrop for this layout, and it can be viewed from all angles, both sides of the thin buildings are going to be built to support viewing from any side.

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