Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jake & Elwood

I bought these Design Preservation townhouse kits 8 or so years ago when I was building the original 30 Squares Line. That old layout was basically all mountains and valleys. I didn’t properly plan where the buildings would go, so I ran into a problem where I didn’t have enough space for the townhouses. Since I had a brand new razor saw handy and nothing to use it on, I decided to do some renovations and cut the townhouses down to a useable footprint. I wound up with two townhouses with more-or-less square floor plans. I think it was this rather reckless action that got me thinking more seriously about selective compression and the advantages it offers. These days I think it’s quite  a good thing and hope to write a post about it in the future.
These two buildings eventually wound-up on the shelf. I had thought they were ruined and I wouldn’t have much use for them on the new layout. Well, recently, as I’ve been playing around with building arrangements, I’ve started to think they would be an interesting addition. They need a little renovation painting-wise, and a  few more details here and there, but they could work out. In these pictures I’ve already removed the old windows and weird curtains and blinds I had installed so that the walls are ready for painting.

When they’re placed down there by the Fortran building they are pretty close to the streetcar tracks - so close, that you could probably open the front door and walk straight inside your morning streetcar if you timed things right :-) or get run over if you timed things wrong :-( This all reminded me of Elwood’s apartment in The Blues Brothers. Now, I just need to find an HO-scale Blues-mobile!

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