Monday, October 10, 2011

Painted, tracked and powered

[I worked on these tasks in the backyard since the weather was good. This picture shows the track just before I set to gluing it down. The board itself was spray painted with a variety of Krylon Latex colours. The track is mainly Atlas. The circular arc switch is a Peco item that was on sale at the local hobby store a few months back - I'm fascinated with curved switches so I bought it and figured I'd work it in somehow.]

As the title says, I finished painting the board (mainly to get rid of the pink foam colour), glued down the track, and installed the DCC system. The next task is cleaning up the workshop and getting ready for the next steps.

[This picture was taken just after taking a couple of laps of a test run of the DCC system. I bought a simple MRC Prodigy Express system. Works well.]


  1. Glad to see you're making progress! Will there be nothing below grade, or will you carve out the foam to make ditches, creeks, etc.

  2. At the front of the layout where it curves in there is going to be an ocean front scene with a streetcar stop. That part will be a bit below grade. I haven't worked with 'water' materials before so I'm looking forward to working on that part. I'm also thinking about a small bridge or stream in the area where I plan on placing my E.L. Moore buildings, but that is still very much in the planning stages.