Friday, December 6, 2019

A novel coincidence?

Moore & Co. image sourced from internet | Novelty Factory image scanned from July '70 RMC
I've had my suspicions about Life-Like's Moore & Company kit in their Proto 2000 Series for some time. The tower on one end with the pointy roof, the layout of the complex in a single line, and of course the name, remind me of E. L. Moore's Novelty Factory that appeared in the July 1970 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman. While searching online I came across a build-up of the kit by Mr. Richard Wegner where he turned the tower sideways so the entry was along the building's long side, which puts the entrance in the same orientation as the Novelty Factory's. These likely are all coincidences, but ones that make me scratch my head and wonder about the source of inspiration* :-)
* The Novelty Factory itself might have been inspired by St. Luke's church in Smithfield, Virginia.


  1. I see that, but being that the Novelty factory is rather small, I think they borrowed the front end more from either his "Brewery in Stone" Oct 70 RMC or the "Chair and Desk Factory" from Dec 72 MR. The back end is similar to Major Whoople's warehouse Sept 65 RMC. Seems like a composite of ELM's work and aptly named.

    1. Interesting observation. Thanks for sharing that! I'm going to go and have a look at those.