Saturday, February 4, 2017

The March by Streetcar

On 21 January, we were in Toronto, and on that particular Saturday, the day of the women's march, we were on the Dundas streetcar heading west when we came to halt at University along with two other streetcars. The marchers were making their way from Queen's Park, south along University Ave., to Nathan Phillips Square.
We sat. I was surprised by the number of passengers who walked up and asked the driver when the delay would be over. He was cool and gently reminded them it was a protest. After a few minutes I got out and walked up to University. There was a huge turnout, but at that point the end of the crowd was crossing and thinning out.
Once we'd crossed University there were six or so cars lined up to go east. 
After a block or two it was back to a typical Toronto Saturday. The historic and the banal side-by-side, same place, same day.

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