Saturday, February 25, 2017

E. L. Moore's casting call

A lineup of some familiar characters. You may remember a few. The man guiding the mule was used in this Water Wheel Mill photo. That goat in the lower right corner has caused a lot of trouble at Goat Pass. Not to mention our intrepid photographer over in the lower left. In E. L. Moore's worlds the characters played as big a role as the rolling stock.


  1. from my cousin's "hand-me-down" issues of '50s Model Railroader Magazine, the 'Put Your Figures to Work' article was one i always cherished. (july 1957) i still have it scanned and will read it from time to time for inspiration.

    1. That one is enjoyable. And it looks like all the figures shown in the photo appeared in that article. Thank-you for bringing that to my attention!