Thursday, April 2, 2015

The E. L. Moore Files: Characters or People or Both?

[Flexible Freddie from my figure collection]

Along with the E. L. Moore manuscripts was this hand written list of characters that have appeared in Mr. Moore’s articles.
[A list of characters written by E. L. Moore]

Here’s the transcription,

Cousin Caleb √     Clarabel Hotel

Uncle Wilber

Mr. P. Pottle

Great grandfather, Lucifer Penroddy Snooks (photographer) √

Waldo Hoople

Cousin Rube √

Grandfather Pudzi

Uncle Peabody

Uncle Dinwoody √

Cousin Elmer (Dinwoody)

Pistachio Jr. 

Ma Spumoni √*

Cousin Leroy √

Uncle Sim

Grandpa Bunn

Len Putt

Uncle Charley Spumoni

Flexible Freddies

The Flexible Freddies likely refer to the Weston brand figure of the same name that Mr. Moore used in many of this photos. But, for the rest of the names, I’m left wondering if they are merely fictional characters, or real people from E. L. Moore’s past, maybe slightly disguised with made-up names. As well, I don’t know the significance - if any - of the checkmarks beside some of the names. Hopefully some or all of this will get cleared up as I read more papers.

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