Thursday, April 23, 2015

Layout panels

Those two future N-scale layout panels have been hanging on the wall waiting for a lull in the action on other fronts. The one on the left is the foundation for a replica of E. L. Moore’s Elizabeth Valley Railroad. Other than adding a cork base layer with the lake and stream cut out, it’s on hold for a little while. The gentleman who has the E. L. Moore manuscripts and letters I’ve been posting excerpts from recently has some photos of the original layout, and I hope to see them when we visit to get a better sense of what this layout was about. The panel on the right is for a streetcar and city block test track tortuously called Tor-N-to. Both panels rest on some pegs I screwed into the wall. It’s easy to take the panels down for work or play, although I wouldn’t recommend this method of hanging in an earthquake prone region.


  1. I'm still wondering what was on the left-front of the EVRR. I put the log cabin blacksmith on my version.... with the sign, "A. Corn, Blacksmith", named before I found what his was really called.

    1. I suspect certain scenic areas on the EVRR changed around a bit so that he stage various photos. Hopefully the photos will clarify these points. I'm also hoping they shed some light on the narrow gauge railroad that was superimposed on the EVRR