Sunday, April 12, 2015

Outtakes from a Night at Gecko's

Some odds-and-ends left over from yesterday's A Night at the Gecko.
A picture taken inside the Elgin next door. 
A shot with the roof popped off the Elgin so I could adjust the lights and right fallen details. The Elgin, even though it's not all that detailed or high quality, is one of my favourite projects. I think that's partly because of it's humble beginnings as a bunch of parts in a bag I bought at a train show for $4. This is the Elgin's Blue Table room, because....
... the centre tables were made from blue heat-sinks. They come in blue and weren't painted. All the stubs that act to dissipate heat were cut off except for four so they'd look more table-like.
There's a saying that if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. Those are my modelling plans in a list I made back around New Year's. That 'Mexican Restaurant' in the upper right turned out to be Gecko Records. I guess I need to check it off :-) but I think I can hear the laughing given how many projects are still on the list.
Debra mentioned that in the Gecko post I misspelt the name of those things in the pan. I called them bisquets, but they are correctly called biscuits. However, they're spelt, straight from the own they can't be beat.
I forgot to post this picture of the pieces that make up the delivery door on the back wall of Gecko's. It's simply a laminate of embossed styrene brick on a piece of 0.020 in styrene for strength. The door is cut from 0.010 in styrene and scribed.
The door assembly needs a little weathering, but at least the loading area appears well lit :-)

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