Sunday, January 1, 2012

Scenes to start the new year

Happy New Year! However, the unhappy part is the train layout must now return to the basement, but before doing that I spent some time over the past week taking a few pictures.

I made use of some old watercolour paintings as backdrops for these pictures. I frequently used a painting behind several different buildings which is why it sometimes looks like mountains and trees are moving around :-)

[Getting ready to load a flat car at Bunn's Feed & Seed. The rail-camino has already been loaded.]

[Bunn's as seen from the truck delivery side.]

[Bunn's at "night" as seen from the roof of the Barrel & Marble Works]

[The Barrel & Marble Works from track-side.]

[Getting ready to load a tank car at Jones' Chemical Company.]

[Jones' Chemical Company from the truck delivery side.]

[The 4pm car has arrived at Scarboro Square Station.]

[This was an early trial of building placements. Grille's is now next to the Bookery.]

[The streetcar passes by The Bookery. There are a number of issues with this picture, but I liked the way the overall composition turned out and the colours, so I went ahead and used it for the blog's new title picture. Once I fix up the grass-mat a bit and do some other scenic improvements, I'm going to re-shoot this scene.]

[I shot this interior scene of The Bookery back in the spring, but I rather like it and have included here for no other reason than that.]

[Walking to the beach along the boardwalk from the Amtronic Ranch House.]

[My two favourite tank cars. Still looking pristine. I don't have the heart to try and weather them. Unfortunately the curves are too small on the layout to allow this to run.]

[Looking from just above Grille's roof-top patio towards the windmills.]

There's obviously lots of detailing and building still to go on this, but that makes for the fun.

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