Sunday, January 15, 2012

Of canoes and ground throws

I have lots of little jobs and projects that I've put to the side for one reason or another. Now that Christmas is well over, and there's lots of snow on the ground, it's a good time to tackle them. Those canoes are items from Sylvan that have been sitting on my shelf for years. They're nice little models, but they are actually waterline items and have flat bottoms. It turns out that my own canoe is for calm water and is also flat-bottomed, so no problem with me on that. These models come unpainted and need a little sanding to clean them up before painting. They're not super-detailed, but paint-up nice. I also installed two switch ground throws from Caboose Industries in the industrial section of the layout. Straight out of the package they are black plastic items, so I painted them with a little rust and primer red to match the yard crane that's in the same area.

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