Thursday, January 19, 2012

El Camino Municipal Swimming Pool – First cuts

I’ve been thinking about this build – along with several others I hope to finally get started – for quite a while. Instead of my usual pre-build fretting over how I think all the building steps should proceed, I just decided to jump in and start cutting. Although that seems reckless, it often helps me get over mental log jams. Simply making a start can often clarify things.

The donor kit is an AMT/Ertl 1959 El Camino. I chose this particular vintage of El Camino because the roof is shaped something like a cap that sits over the cab instead of being seamlessly integrated into the body as on later models. To me, this made it a little more building like. I also like the fins

The pick-up bed, rear cab pillars and roof were cut away from the body using a cutting wheel in my dremel tool, followed by several iterations with the grinding drum and various sanding sticks. To get a square and even edge along the bottom, a sheet of sand paper was placed on the workbench, and the piece was sanded as a whole until it looked right.

I’ve been thinking this project might also be a good candidate for LED lighting. Small ones could be used in the tail-lights, and the bottom of the pool could be fitted with lights that point up into the ‘water’.


  1. A great idea, and I look forward to seeing how this progresses. I, too tend to cut first and think about the job as I'm going along. I am incapable of planning something before I start!

  2. Thanks. I've been doing some more work on this project and hope to have some more pictures posted soon, but things might slow down when it comes to painting it. It's winter here and I spray-paint outside, but that's not possible when it's too cold. Hopefully the annual January thaw will come soon and I'll be ready with spraycan in hand to take advantage!