Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The fate of the old layout

Over the Christmas holidays the old layout was moved out of the basement to make room for the new one. This blog got its name from the old layout: it was 6 feet by 5 feet in size, 30 square feet, hence, 30 Squares of Ontario. Maybe I should consider a name change.

I salvaged what I could from the old layout, then hauled it outside, wrapped it in plastic, and stashed it behind the shed for the winter. It’s too big to disassemble in the basement, so I’ll tackle that task outside in the backyard when the snow’s gone.
Debra commented that the remains seemed like some sort of strange abstract collage style painting. Well, if anyone wants to buy it as such, contact me and I’ll give you a price Saves me the work of taking it apart

The old layout’s rolling base I kept and modified to act as the stand for the new portable layout. The tilt-top action was eliminated and replaced by a fixed support frame. No big loss since the new layout is about half the width of the old one and just a little longer. This makes it easier to roll around the basement, and no tilting is necessary to get clearance when attempting to move around obstacles.

One good thing about the new layout transportation-wise is that only one person is needed to lift and carry it. I installed a lifting ring at the balance point along with handles before and after it. I attach a strap to the ring for lifting and carrying the board, and the handles are used to balance and tilt it – the strap takes the weight and the handles are for control. This seems to work ok, but the board could be built lighter through a more judicious use of materials!


  1. I'm enjoying your blog. It's nice to see links to John Allen and EL Moore here and also note that you tip your hat to those guys in your own modelling. I built a model of the Jones Chemical Co for a customer in Oz about twenty years ago, sadly there were no photos.
    Thanks for linking to me- and I am looking forward to reading on here how your new layout develops, all the best,

  2. Hi Iain,
    Thanks for having a look at my blog. It's good about other E.L.Moore builds. I came across your blogs over the Christmas holidays and thoroughly enjoyed them. Best wishes for the new year!