Thursday, April 5, 2018

Partial portal progress

I used a sharp, new X-acto knife blade and some sanding sticks to stair-step the portal abutments, and when that was done, they were given thin washes of grey, white and Tamiya Smoke to naturalize and tone down their colours. They’re looking better, but they’ll likely need a little more blending and weathering once they’re installed.

And speaking of colours, I have no colour reference photos of the EVRR. No drugstore processed snapshots, no Kodachromes, no Ektachromes, no Fuji Chromes, no torn out photo-spreads from magazines, no nothin’. I don't even know if any exist, but be that as it may, this is a world-wide call: if you have any and could share, please leave a comment. There’s no money involved, but think of the glory :-) Maybe I should see if Vince has the time machine repaired. Until next time ….


  1. Nice! And if you do find a working time machine, make sure you've got a lot of photo space on your iPhone (and don't let it get stolen!) Try not to scare ELM; if he keels over from a heart attack, your blog will be moot when you get back. While you're there, make a couple of sports bets and buy some early shares from Microsoft.

    1. Yeah, good points. I should probably watch Primer again before embarking on another trip :-)