Friday, April 27, 2018

MRE, Vol. 15, No. 6

Vince and I got to talking about the D. Derek Verner post. One thing lead to another and he told me how back-in-the-day he based a science fair project on Mr. Verner's Modeling with Fiber Optics that appeared in the April '73 issue of MR. It inspired him to look into the science of optical fibres. Looking back, MR seems to have run a number of articles that were strong on science content in the '70s. Mr. Verner's was one of them. Well, Vince's project did quite well, so we thought that since the time machine was again in operation we'd sneak back and have a glimpse at the fair. Turns out our present science skills weren't so swift and we over-shot the year - and maybe the universe too. But, we did bring back that issue of MRE over there on my coffee table.


  1. Sounds like a great issue! I'm particularly interested to read about tensile strength of balsa; reminds me of the engineering challenge the local university here holds. The goal is to engineer a bridge that supports two engineers, but fails when a third is added. It is held over a stream next to the campus pub, so you can imagine how the testing goes!

    1. Thumbing through the issue I see and addendum on the back page, "The Effect of Tester Beverage Consumption on Test Results". Looks like more reading is required.......