Thursday, January 25, 2018

Time travel makes inflation no less shocking

Did we get the time machine out of the garage? No. Did we find strange journals in an alternative universe? Well, sorta. Did I find an old ad for the AHM trolley? Yes.
It appears that the AHM trolley was introduced in early 1976. That ad was snipped from the February '76 issue of Model Railroader and it looks like there was also one that month in Railroad Model Craftsman. $8.88 US; an internet inflation calculator tells me that translates into $38.20 US ( ~ $47.25 CDN) in today's money. What did I pay in either '76 or '77 when I bought mine at George's Trains old Mt. Pleasant store?
$16.50 CDN = $67.45 CDN today!

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