Sunday, January 28, 2018

Magazine heaven is in London? Who knew?

According to this NYT article, All Good Magazines Go to Heaven, the world's largest private magazine collection is the Hyman Archive in London, located in the 18th-century Royal Arsenal complex in Woolwich. Over on the left is the beginnings of the 30 Squares Model Railroading Archive  :-) That stack contains Railroad Model Craftsmans from when Model Craftsman changed over to being RMC in 1949, through the '50s, '60s - Vince has the '70s and '80s - '90s, '00s and into the '10s. Although, there are many holes in the collection that need filling. And one box in the stack is the complete run - no holes other than a couple missing special issues - of Railroad Modeler. Off camera is a miscellaneous collection of other model railroad and model building titles. If I ever win the lottery, watch out Hyman Archive, there'll be competition from over on this side of the pond :-)

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