Sunday, January 21, 2018

E. L. Moore stores on the Losantiville Street Railway

[A photo snippet of a short row of E. L. Moore store  kits along main street of Ed Strauss' Losantiville Street Railway featured in the March '79 issue of Railroad Modeler]

A few weeks ago I came across an article in the March '79 issue of Railroad Modeler called Losantiville Street Railway by Ed Strauss. It leapt off the pages to my eyes because nearly half the photos contain those E. L. Moore kit stores. I wasn't going to post about the article since E. L. Moore kits were quite common at the time and appeared often on layouts, but with this recent talk about the old AHM trolleys I went back to see if there were any in the article. No, none. Mr. Strauss used much higher quality trolley models on his layout.


  1. Despite all the plastic kits they offered from ELM designs, I had way more fun scratchbuilding them from his articles. And mine have painted on window panes rather than the thick plastic of the kits. Only thing is, back then, I chose acetate for glass and it has yellowed over the years. So my white signs and window shades all look yellow. Eh.

    1. That's an interesting observation. I should go back and look at some of the ELM model photos to see which ones have yellowed windows.

      Back in the '70s I bought 2 kits that I didn't know at the time were his: the Ramsey Journal Building that I 'converted' to a Home Hardware - a hardware store chain here in Canada - by gluing a Home Hardware logo to it I clipped from an ad, and his village smithy that I used as a barn. I've still got them around - although they're not in good shape - and should take same pictures of 'em.