Sunday, October 1, 2017

Road trip to the Montreal Model Train Exposition

John and I drove over to the Montreal Model Train Exposition to see what we could see. It was a gloriously sunny day and a pleasant 18C, so a great day for a drive. Neither of us had been to this show before, so we were up for surprises. It was held over several floors in the halls of the Sun Youth Organization's building on St. Urbain Street. Overall, it's a great show for families with children. There's lots of things for the kids to do, along with plenty of Thomas, Harry Potter, some sci-fi models and dioramas, tin-plate and toy trains on display. Although for me, the highlight  - other than the charming Madchenbahn - came later with a lunch at Montreal's famous Snowdon Deli.
It's located beside the Snowdon Theatre; a magnificent building in the Streamline Moderne style that opened in 1937 and has fallen on hard times over the last few years. Wikipedia states it's likely to be demolished soon to make way for progress.
But DeliSnowdon appears to be doing just fine. It was jammed as usual when we showed up for lunch, but we were quickly seated.
What did I have? The corned beef sandwich of course.
I should have snapped the photo before I took a bite, but my stomach overruled my brain when the sandwich was placed in front of me :-)


  1. Jim,

    Looks like a fine sandwich in an interesting location. Our local sandwich shop serves a hot pastrami with melted provolone, pepperoncinis and a local mustard - Mendocino Suds 'n Seeds. I usually get it on "Dutch Crunch" bread with a bag of BBQ Kettle chips.

    Too bad there's not a train show to go along with it. But at least we can walk there and they make Gluten Free sandwiches my wife can eat.

    1. It's too bad my car isn't fast enough to make a day trip to your neck of the woods, because those sandwiches sound great!