Saturday, October 14, 2017

E. L. Moore, Adventurer

This is another portrait I was provided. Along the bottom, in very light and smudged pencil, was written, E. L. Moore, 1940. Camera, binoculars and rifle. Everything needed to observe the unknown and protect oneself. Some of his dreams and inner life is on display here. 

You can see in his right hand he's squeezing the shutter release bulb to snap the picture. Likely taken in his own studio. Compare it to his farmer selfie. I don't have a date on that one, but I'd guess it was taken at the same time - look at the face. 

There's more to this man than I know; likely more than I'll ever never know. In theses portraits lies the deep story behind the E. L. Moore we know as the model railroad ranconteur. All these pictures add up to someone, but someone we've barely met.

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