Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Alternative E. L. Moore biography portraits

A generous reader saw the draft of the E. L. Moore Wikipedia biography and most kindly sent me two portraits that could be used in the place of the 'farmer'. The above photo I think is best suited, and I don't think it has been published elsewhere, but I need to check. This one is also intriguing.
When I saw that shot, my mind immediately flashed on a fantasy Howard Hawks movie starring Barbara Stanwyck, James Cagney and Cary Grant with the bit-part part of the hard-bitten newspaper reporter played by our man Moore. Crazy I know, but it just has that sort of look.


  1. Both are good, but the first is in his retirement/model railroading days.... complete with models in the background. I have never seen this photo anywhere and my magazine library is extensive.

    1. After a little digging, I haven't seen that one published elsewhere either, and you're right, with the models and workbench in the scene, it helps to say he's a model maker. My guess is that it dates from sometime between '69 and '72.