Tuesday, August 22, 2017

One last like

That CASS: GEARED LOCO HAVEN  in the last issue, was really something! Enjoyed it hugely!
Passage from a letter E. L. Moore wrote to Tony Koester, Manager Editor of Railroad Model Craftsman, dated August 8, 1972.

Turns out there was one more of E. L. Moore's likes buried away in his correspondence. The article Cass: Geared Loco Haven appeared in the August '72 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman and it's chock full of geared locomotive goodness. Eight pages stuffed with great photos and text. Is this the last note on Mr. Moore's likes, I think so, but that's what I said a few days ago :-)


  1. It's fun to keep looking! To this day, ELM still makes cameos in some form or another.

    1. I will! You're right, his work still seems to pop-up here and there, and other than the reader here :-) no one knows he's responsible. I find it interesting that his kits, and the derivatives of those kits, are still for sale today.