Friday, August 11, 2017

E. L. Moore's January 1970

Nice snowplow article by Delaney, and although I'm not a traction fan I enjoyed TRACTION WEEKEND thoroughly. Keep up the good work.
E. L. Moore in a letter to Hal Carstens dated 28 December 1969. Mr. Moore seemed to have a thing for snowplows and built ones for both the Eagleroost & Koontree and Elizabeth Valley RRs.

The January 1970 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman must have been a bit special to E. L. Moore, because as well as those two articles he found interesting, the issue also contained his Chittenden County Mill project and this photo of the Yank Mfg. Co., built by Mr. Ronald Kuykendall of Tucson, Arizona, that appeared in the Boomer Trail section. It was based on E. L. Moore's HOJ POJ Mfg. Co. that appeared in the April '69 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman.
[Longtime readers of this blog might recall the restoration I did on Mr. Moore's HOJ POJ Mfg. Co. Seeing this rendition of the project was fascinating. As well as being an all round fine model, Mr. Kuykendall did an excellent job on that piping and dust collectors - those items stumped me and I resorted to plastic!]

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